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Virginia Explore Park

A special thanks to Debbie Pitts, Executive Director of Explore Park, for inviting me to photograph the Park.

Click on the small picture to get to see a larger version.  Then click in the middle of the larger picture to move to the next.  The pictures are low resolution thumbnails and are not representative of how they will look once printed on fine art paper

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DSC_10003 DSC_10004 DSC_10005 DSC_10006 DSC_10007 DSC_10008 DSC_10010 DSC_10013
DSC_10014 DSC_10015 DSC_10017 DSC_10020 DSC_10023 DSC_10025 DSC_10027 DSC_10028
DSC_10030 DSC_10034 DSC_10035 DSC_10036 DSC_10037 DSC_10038 DSC_10040 DSC_10042
DSC_10043 DSC_10044 DSC_10045 DSC_10046 DSC_10050 DSC_10053 DSC_10056 DSC_10057
DSC_10058 DSC_10059 DSC_10060 DSC_10061 DSC_10062 DSC_10064 DSC_10065 DSC_10066
DSC_10067 DSC_10068-1 DSC_10068-PE DSC_10071-pe DSC_10072 DSC_10073 DSC_10074 DSC_10075
DSC_10076 DSC_10078 DSC_10082 DSC_10084 DSC_10086 DSC_10087 DSC_10088 DSC_10089
DSC_10093 DSC_10096 DSC_10097 DSC_10100 DSC_10101 DSC_10102 DSC_10103 DSC_10104
DSC_7661 DSC_7661-4x6 DSC_7665 DSC_7666 DSC_7667 DSC_7670 DSC_7671 DSC_7674
DSC_7675 DSC_7676 DSC_7679 DSC_7682 DSC_7683 DSC_7684 DSC_7685 DSC_7686
DSC_7687 DSC_7688 DSC_7689 DSC_7690 DSC_7691 DSC_7692 DSC_7694 DSC_7695


Last update 02/26/2017


All proofs, pictures & negatives are the exclusive property of Lynda Troutt Murphy.

The right of reproduction is in accordance with all U.S. Copyright Laws.





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